Saturday, January 22, 2011

Date Night!

Last night the girls went to Grandma and Grandpa's.

The hubby and I went on a date!

Some much needed and appreciated alone time!
Nothing too exciting, 
a little dinner out, 
a few Colorado Bulldogs (not our usual, but yummy),

some Angry Birds...

I love you honey!
taken with my tripod... yes, I know we're dorks.  ~Ok, I'M a dork.

We took our puppies to the vet this morning
(after sleeping in, of course!)

~can you call 7:30am sleeping in?....  Ummm, YES!~
Now we have a few errands to run and some visiting to do, 
then off to pick up our sweet girls and another night to enjoy together as a family!

What a great weekend so far!

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  1. I' so happy the two of you had a chance to recapture a little romance!


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