Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Soothing repetition ~ 4/52

This week's Project 52 theme was "Soothing Repetition".
I first was thinking of trying to somehow capture the quiet moment of Lila having her back rubbed.
She loves it.
(Who doesn't?)
But how would I capture this?
She likes Mommy to rub her back.
She likes Mommy to rub her back before bed.
She likes Mommy to rub her back before bed in her VERY dark room.

Ah well... I'll just enjoy rubbing her back, forget the picture.

Besides... there is something else that is soothing to me!
And the fact that I enjoy it almost EVERY day, (sometimes more than once), well,
that makes it something repetitious.
my coffee......
Sigh........ aaaaaahhhhh!

Can you smell it?
Can you feel the warm cup in your hands?
I can!
(that's because I'm drinking that lovely cup that was brewing while I took this picture!)

~now I realize I'm taking a lot of "object" photos, so next week, regardless of theme
I will have a human element in my picture~

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