Monday, January 24, 2011

Great weekend and Great Monday!

Really!  It was one of the best weekends we've had in a LONG time!
Fun, productive yet relaxing, and all around Enjoyable!
I think this is hilarious~  "Don't mess with me till I've had my cup of Hot Chocolate!"
Making pancakes with Daddy~ he used a smidge too much vanilla- hence the face!

After our date night on Friday, we had a great Saturday just running errands and doing odds and ends.
We spent a few hours visiting with some special friends, and went and picked up our little ones at
Ryan's parent house!  We had some quick takeout dinner, got the girls all ready for bed, bundled them in 
car and headed home.  Everyone went to bed easy and slept all night!  Sunday was awesome, we relaxed 
in PJ's most of the day.  Ryan and I put together a chicken pot pie, FROM SCRATCH while the girls were
It was really Yummy too!  (at least Ryan's part was... he made the filling, I made the pie crust.)
Note**I will NOT be making pie crust from scratch again... thank you Pillsbury!
my miserable attempt at making pie crust~ never again man, never again!
Yummy end result!

Our neighbors popped over at Half-time to say Hello and get some puppy kisses and we had yet another nice
evening together as a family!  

This morning I was rather impressed with myself, as I was all together and ready to walk out the door with both girls this morning, ON TIME for Elaina's 9 month pediatrician appt.  I did however forget which clinic I was going to since we visit both Edina and Eden Prairie, so I called to check as I was just about to enter 169.  Wah-wah.... oh wait... Ellie appointment isn't until TOMORROW at 9:30.  (Edina by the way.)  Geez.
Okay, so now I'm fully dressed, hair done, make-up on, kids packed and in tow, and essentially no where to go.  Nice.

We went to the zoo instead!

Was a fun time too!  Both girls were great and had lots of fun. 
We ended our visit on a sour note, and I feel I should mention that metal revolving doors should NOT be used a play toy.  The older, rowdier kids ahead of us, were apparently not aware of that, and as we were just about to go through the revolving door, one of them gave a giant shove to see how fast it would go, and managed to knock Lila down and smash her face in between the bars.  After a "oops, sorry" their parents and them quickly departed, leaving me with a screaming toddler who keeps repeating "the door got me mama, the door got me!!!"  Poor baby :(
Thankfully, she's tough and is just fine.  Just has a small war wound that will be fine in a day or two!
She LOVES the fish and diver ~ don't worry, I went and made her sit down right away!
Revolving door ~1, Lila ~0

I hear Miss Elaina talking in her crib, so I'm out for now!
(I'm enjoying my week off, so I will apologize in advance for the plethora of postings to come!)


  1. OH my gosh that's quite the war wound! Good thing she's a tough cookie :) Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  2. Poor Lila. That sucks. Tell her I will get that door for her. ;) Did you get my email about getting together??? Let us know?


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