Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Girl Lila!

I'll go ahead and make it official...

Lila Kate is POTTY TRAINED!!!
Hooray Lila!
We are so proud of you!

Lila has been out of diapers for months and has been wearing Pull-ups at night.
This week I decided to try putting her to bed in big girl undies, since she has been waking up primarily dry for some time now.  We started Sunday night, and have had happy dry mornings ever since!
She is also getting quite self-sufficient about going potty all by herself (even occasionally locking us out of the bathroom!)  She tells us "I do it", which in truth, she says regarding EVERYTHING lately!  Then once she goes, and wipes, and washes her hands, she tells us "I do a good job!"
My independant woman! Ha!

Part of me is thrilled to be moving on, yet there is a little piece of me that is sad.
To me, this is saying Good-bye to Lila's babyhood.
Sigh.... tear....
Okay Ana, stop sniffling.
she was having fun fogging up the windows!

Here are a few other things I would like to mention about our firstborn!

1)  She has more energy than I can possibly imagine!  Seriously, I know toddlers are known to be busy, but Holy Cow... that girl can go, and go, and go.....  I wish there was a way to siphon some of that energy into me!

2)  She calls her little sister "Ellie Belly"!  How cute is that?  I don't know where that came from, but she says it all the time!  A few nights ago, I had Elaina on my lap and Lila was playing with her.  Squishing her cheeks and kissing her, it was just too darling!

3)  She knows how to work our iPad better than I do.  I'm not joking.  

4)  She is feisty!  Not a naughty girl, but she pushes you.  She knows that "no" means "no", and is really quite good at saying "Please" and "Thank you".  She also says "Bless You" when someone sneezes.  That being said, she does have routine tantrums, doesn't like sharing with her sister, and turns a deaf ear when told it's time to do anything she's not excited about.  I'm thinking that's all pretty typical of a 2 year old!

5)  She loves Dora the Explorer!  It's so fun watching her watch the show and listen to her follow the "instructions"!  Her face gets so animated when she sees Swiper the Fox, and she says "OH NO MOMMY, SWIPER the Thox!"

6)  She can't say her "F's" or "V's".  F= Th, and V=B. 
Example:  Fork: Thork, Frank: Thrank, Fox: Thox, 
Video= Beero (i don't know), Volovsek= Bull-o-shi**. 
(ask her to say her name, it's really funny!)

She's awesome!
What else can I say?!

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