Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello November!

I feel that I must make the obligatory Halloween post, but I must confess something...

I did not take very many pictures...



How dare I?
Well, I spent the evening attempting to get the girls to nap at my mom's.
Then... I have 2 under 2.
And one of them moves.

Plus, by the time we got to head out for Trick or Treating, it was quite dark out and nothing quite turned out. 
So I decided to give up on the camera, and just enjoy watching my little devil take it all in!

Lila actually did quite well and got the hang of it quick!
She was VERY good at saying "Thank you" to everyone and only got scared once
(by a tiny Yorkie no less... ?)
Lots of people commented on how cute her little "brother" was...
apparently unless a small child is dressed in pink ruffles, it must be a boy.
Never mind the darling snuggly bear I was carrying had pink bows with rhinestones.

Anyway, all in all, we had a good night.  I was looking back at last years post  and can't believe how much has changed!  I look forward to next year when both girls can enjoy it a little more!
Elaina is our snuggle-bear!
Lila our little Devil!
photographers, please don't judge on the auto settings and flash.

I threw in a few "Halloween-y" pictures from the past few days.
I love her little pumpkin butt!

Lila and her kitty mask she made at daycare!

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