Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday fun

My sister came down today for a lovely visit.
I love when she visits!
She helped me clean my house.

Do I need more of a reason to love her company?
I have more.
Lots more!
She's funny.  She's lets me wear my hideous sweats and doesn't mind. (too much).
She loves movie/TV quotes as much as I do.  She eats chips and salsa with me.
Lila LOVES playing with Auntie.  She loves my girls.  I mean, REALLY loves them.  
It's the best!
Alex, please come to visit Anytime!  I love you!

Today I started getting out my Christmas decorations!
Don't judge me.
It will take me almost to Christmas to figure out where exactly I want everything, then it will be time to take them down.
I don't care.  I love it!
Especially the darling Little People nativity that Lila loves playing with.
Ellie too (actually she just liked chewing on the baby Jesus).

The day could only be made better if the hubs was home.
He's off again playing with the boys.
Ryan, the Pheasant Slayer shall return Sunday night.
I'm off to bed, hopefully the girls give me a repeat of last night and sleep until 7am!

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