Monday, November 8, 2010


Our oldest daughter is really starting to suprise us on a daily basis with her vocabulary.

She throws out something new every day!

Most days it makes me proud and happy, even a touch sad at the babyhood getting more and more distant...
     "Daddy fly away" - in reference to Ryan's trip to California
     "Bye mommy, love you" - as I get ready to go to work
      I point out the moon to her one evening driving home and she says,  "WOW,  that's special mama!"
"Too hot mama"- whenever the sun is in her face in the car
(she will then usually cover up her face with a blankee when we have it with!)

      She does a pretty decent rendition of ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, and You are my Sunshine.
      She knows all of our family "names" (daddy=Ryan, mommy=Ana, sister=Elaina) and can kinda say our last name, although it comes out sounding a little like a swear word...
Then there are the occasional moments that put a big, no, make that HUGE, mirror in front of my face in regards to my own language.  Such as the past few days whenever the dogs start barking, we now hear our eldest say 
Okay, so my PRE-New Year's Resolution.... watch what you say, you officially have a sponge in the house.

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