Monday, November 15, 2010

Snow and stuff

I'm not sure how everyone else feels about it, 
but I LOVE IT!

Waking up to the snow Saturday morning was wonderful!
You see, 
I love the holiday season!!!
And this, well, it just makes it feel that much closer!
I'm almost squealing like a little girl right now.!

I do wish we would've gotten our Christmas lights up already, but have you no fear...
they WILL appear!
(as soon as the hubby can get up on the roof!)
Saturday morning, our dear neighbor Lisa watched the girls for a short bit so I could go and snap 
pictures of Ryan and the pups doing what they love to do! 
Pheasant hunting is supposed to be the best in the first snow, or so I'm told. 
This however, did not turn out nearly as I had hoped.
Probably because that snow I mentioned loving earlier...
was blowing and gusting so hard in the field, that I had to walk backwards quite a bit! Ha!

I still managed to get a few I liked.
Nothing prize worthy, but memories for Ryan and I regardless!

Boone is smiling!
Rio pointing a bird (what you can't see, is Boone is UNDER the snow! no joke!)
getting some love from Daddy!

The rest of the day was spent shoveling, cleaning carpets, and attempting to clean our house. Fun right?
Lila helping Daddy shovel!
Whoops!  Tipped the shovel a little too high! Haha!

Sunday was pancakes, paper, and coffee... some other boring stuff
and then...  drum roll please.....

WE went to see SANTA!!
Oh, so much fun!
Of course, Ellie cried right away and Lila was stuck like glue to my leg, 
but Santa is a patient man and we managed to get a few pics with everybody smiling!

They even got toothbrushes as a present.
No chocolates, or candy canes?
A toothbrush.
uh, ok.

Anyway, the whole way home, Lila kept saying "Santa tonight" (ie. we saw Santa tonight) and 
"Santa Nice!".  So cute!

We have now spent our day playing ponies, folding laundry, and baking a fresh apple crisp!  Most of that was done with Ellie in my arms or in the carrier, interspersed with changing a dozen poopy diapers. (Gotta love teething). Lila just went down for a nap, which of course means, Elaina is just waking up. Oh well, I intend to sit and snuggle them both as much as possible today, since it's back to work tonight for 3 nights.  Oh how I miss them when I'm gone.
Happy Monday!
Helping mommy peel/slice apples!  I LOVE that gadget!
Quality control before going in the oven
Snuggle with the dogs while it's baking!
The delicious end result!!! YUM!


  1. Great photos, Ana! And wow! You are on the ball, visiting Santa already!! I'm super impressed. AND you got a great pic of the girls with him! Love it!

  2. Hey!! Great picture with Santa (and the other ones too)...where was he at?? I had an idea I was going to bring you about Santa, but maybe another year!! So excited to come see you soon. I mean SO excited. Give those girls a kiss from me and I will see you soon.


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