Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boone and Rio

As much as I complain about my dogs (and yes, I know I do it A LOT), 
I really do love them.

I love them, A LOT!

Boone is my boy.
My handsome, handsome boy.
He has plenty of quirks, but he was our "original" baby.
I.  Love.  Him.

Rio is our spaz.
Patient, sweet, snuggly.
She whines and wiggles to no end, but she's great.
(and pregnant again, did I mention that?)
I. Love. Her.

We were out playing in the yard last night, so I shot a few photos.
Then again today as the girls were playing with Rio.
Happy Tuesday!


Go!  (and I love that the ball is actually going Backwards!) Ha!

Rio in all her patient glory!  Being sat on while having her ears pulled!

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