Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All things canine

Geez, can't anything just go smooth and easy as planned?


Ok, well our current standing regarding our dogs...
How many puppies is she carrying?  Drumroll please.....
maybe 2
Honestly, I was thinking I'd shoot for 3.  Nice low number, then I'd be pleasantly suprised if there were more.
Never did I think that we'd end up less than that.
They don't know why this is happening, as a female of their breed should typically carry 6-9 pups.
Whatever, can't change it.
Moving on.

He's been a little "off" for about 2 months.  Pretty lazy, lethargic even.  Weak stomach, throwing up
frequently after eating his food.  Doesn't want to hunt more than an hour or two (really weird!).
Yesterday, we took him to the vet to get him checked out.
After lots of exams, and x-rays, and blood work, (and $$$) they think they've figured it out.
Addison's Disease
Basically it's an adrenal insufficiency.  His cortisol level is really low, but currently his electrolytes are remaining stable.  He's still at the vet right now getting a cortisol stimulation test, which will tell us what type
of Addison's he has.  Currently, the treatment would be prednisone, probably lifelong. 
This is not a great diagnosis, however, it is substantially better than what we initially thought.

Anyway, I have lots of other little here and there's I'd like to post on, but that will have to wait for another day.  I do have a few cute pics to share from Saturday, but for some reason it's not letting me upload photos.
I'll try again later!

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