Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Saturday evening

Today was a good day.

I had wanted to take the girls to the zoo.

Ryan wanted to clean and organize the basement.

The basement looks pretty good.


This evening was great!
The weather was cool, but not cold.
Perfect for a fire in the pit
(gotta get rid of those old bank and credit card statements somehow, right?)
We grilled some great pork tenderloin with applewood smoked bacon on top!
While the grill was going, this is what we did....

Ryan helped Lila ride her bike!
(well, kinda)
He was pretty proud of himself for not falling down!
Hey, he had to SHOW Lila how to do it, right?
He also had to bend her training wheels back in place.
She did eventually get on by herself.
She didn't actually GO anywhere by herself, but who cares?!
We had fun!
Ellie liked watching the action too!

Not a bad day.
Not a bad day at all!

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