Friday, October 8, 2010

loving my Lila

Even though I had to work on Tuesday (Lila's birthday)
we still had a little celebration for just our little family!

We had pizza, one of Lila's favs and she got 
a monster cookie with ice cream for dessert!
Candles on top, of course!
Make a wish sweet girl!

Even Ellie dug into the cake (made and sent home from daycare!)
please ignore the fact that she's on the counter and the 
horrible disaster around her!  Also ignore the fact that we left
our child unattended long enough for her to somehow manage
to get the top off the cake and dive in! ha!


  1. Oh so so cute!!! Such adorable pics! Happy Birthday Lila!! Enjoy your stretch off with your sweets, Ana!!

  2. Your girls are so beautiful! And I'd like to point out the frosting on her toes- adorable!


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