Monday, October 25, 2010

Amelia Kate

Remember this tummy?

And I made a quick post here about her arrival.

I FINALLY got the chance to go and see this little babe I've been not so patiently waiting on!!!
Amelia Kate was MORE than worth the wait!
She's darling, and perfect, and snuggly!  Everything you could hope for in a baby!
And her mommy and daddy also asked me to snap a few photos
(a few, really?  do these people know me at all?)
Of course I was more than happy to take pictures for this family I LOVE so much!
Congrats again Sarah and Paul, you really did some nice work!

I will apologize for the complete picture overload, but what's a girl to do when you have a subject so sweet?!


  1. Beautiful photos Ana. I look at these pics and have to repeat to myself. "You don't want a 4th baby, you don't want a 4th baby." Precious.

  2. Great pix! Congrats to Sarah and Paul!! She's beautiful! Did you get my text? Talk to you soon! :)

  3. Aww-lovely photos! Nice work! :)


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