Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Minnesota weather!

Us Minnesotans are fussy about our weather.

Winter brings the "too cold" or "too much snow" or the opposite "not enough snow" (no one likes a brown Christmas and I know a few snowmobilers that really hate a dry winter!)

Spring can be rainy and the winter chill seems to always hang around past Easter.  You can have a week in the 50's then back to below freezing in a snap.

Summer is either too hot and sticky or not warm enough to really get out and do all that great "summer stuff"!

And in true Minnesotan fashion, this fall has been no different!
Hot, hot, hot to start, then rain to beat the band, then GORGEOUS colors, sunshine, and wonderfullness, and now...
Snow and wind like you wouldn't believe!
Really it is!

I love Minnesota!  (I wouldn't mind if the snow and wind held off just a bit longer though!)

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