Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy busy!

Holy buckets!  My week is gonna be jammed packed, but lots of fun stuff, so can't really complain!

Saturday was a day for pick-up, clean-up, and just gear up for the week!  
Sunday, Ryan was up and out the door by 4:45am, headed to Glen Flora, WI (3.5 hrs away) to have Rio bred.
Yep, you heard me... we're at it again.  Sheesh, as if I don't have enough on my plate.  And it gets better...
When will these puppies (plural please?!) arrive?  Oh...right before Christmas!  Ha!  
Seriously, could this dog have any worse timing?  Ok, I'm done, moving on...

So, on top of Ryan spending 6+ hours in the car with Rio, we had a little birthday party for Lila yesterday!
It wasn't anything fancy, really just a great excuse to get together and for Ryan to use his meat smoker!  We opened a few presents, sang Happy Birthday (she loved it), and had some cake!  "Nemo" theme, of course!  Really, just had a good time visiting with everyone!  There were lots of little ones running around and it was fun to all see them together!
Lila had a blast and crashed hard at the end of the night, always a sign of a great day!
HUGE thank you to everyone who stopped by!  We love you so much!

This morning it was up and at em' again, since I had a mandatory simulation training at work.  
(Totally creepy, that's another story!)
Ryan watched them for the hour I was gone and then the girls and I headed home.
We've played with Lila's new toys, I've played with some pictures I took (of course) and now they are napping!!!
I am excited for the fact that this week I have 3 little photo shoots set up with friends, so I get to play with my camera A LOT!!  I have one tonight actually, so I should run.  Gotta clean up the disaster left behind from yesterday!  
I threw in a few cute shots of the girls and have a bunch more from the party, but those will go up later.

this one's a little different, but I thought it was cool.
Lila was playing with her new pony, So Cute!

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