Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary

~ Disclaimer: parental units, you can skip this post if you wish! ~

We've been married 4 years, together for 10 (essentially), and
Ryan and I have always been, if nothing else, passionate.
We work, fight, and most importantly LOVE passionately.
Lately, there has been less passion.   
I'll be honest and say that I've been a little out of sorts.  I'm not really sure what my deal is, but I've been "off".  I think my man misses me.  I miss him.  I miss US.

I understand that as you get older, the business of life can take priority over other things, but I think it's important to make time for the stuff that matters.  How about the one you devoted yourself to?  Oh yeah! That person!  The one that used to make my stomach flippity-flop with a gentle kiss!  Now, a kiss is usually a quick "Welcome home, whatcha want for dinner?" or "See ya later, I'm off to work".  Rarely is there time (or a time when I'm not wiped out), that I can just relax and savor that kiss.
4 years ago, I married a wonderful man.  We spent a delightful 2 days at a gorgeous place called Canoe Bay, seeing the most magnificent fall colors I've ever known and doing all that other great "Newlywed stuff"! 
  When we came back, our wedding photographer did a little "special" session for us.  Some people might think we're crazy, even a little risque', but I love them.  They make me smile.  They remind me of how passionate we were.  Mmmmmm... sigh. (and yes, I do have a few of these up in the house!)
  Tomorrow, Ryan and I are heading to Duluth.
2 days.
No kids, No dogs, No house.  Adults only!
Just us being a couple and taking time to enjoy each other and do all the things a passionate couple should do!

Happy Anniversary Ryan!   
I love you so much and CAN'T WAIT to spend the next few days with you!

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