Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm 29

Last year as a "twenty-something".

Kinda weird.

I really don't have any of the typical "getting older" fears, 30 is not scary to me.  I know I'm gonna get more wrinkles.  I know my anatomy will inevitably head south.  Whatever.  Such is life.

Today I have celebrated by waking up with a raging headache and no cream to put in my coffee.  Boo.
The weather has been gorgeous and I feel like I'm living on a lake (the river is SO high!).  Yeah!
I had a hard time getting the girls ready and out the door, as I needed to go pay to get my drivers license renewed.  Boo.
Both girls were delightful the whole time, through getting gas, government center, groceries, etc. Yeah!
It is now after 2 and I still can't get Lila to take a nap.  Boo
After stopping at the grocery store, I now have coffee with cream in it!  Yeah!
I also bought a couple of New York Strips that Ry and I can grill up tonight with some sweet potatos, and a spinach salad. Yeah!
And because I found some canned pumpkin, I'm going to make some pumpkin bars to bring and share at work tonight.  Yeah!
AND because it's my birthday, I get a few hours of double time Birthday pay! YEAH!

Now, since Lila is knocking on her door downstairs, I should probably just deal with the fact she won't nap today and get her up.  I'm sure she'll have a great time "helping" me make my bars!!  ;)

Here are a few photos of my Greatest Birthday gifts!!
And everything nice!  Mmmmm.....
Our "Lake"


  1. Happy Birthday! Your girls are darling--love that pic of Lila and her pretty hair!

  2. You crack me up!! I love your pictures...sugar & spice...mmm...haha...crazy woman!! I'm so happy I get to see you for a bit at work tonight. And, pumpkin bars? YUM! Happiest birthday wishes (again)! See you in a few!

  3. Happy Birthday my friend! Wishing you a nice multip delivery with a short push! Thinking of you. xoxo Gina

  4. Hope you had a wonderful day! Those pics of your girls are too dang cute. Adorable!!!


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