Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday update

My week off comes to a close tonight.  

The week was busy, but we had some fun!
I spent the Whole week with my two babies and it was wonderful!

Lila is becoming a little girl.  This both excites me and makes me sad.  Every day I have moments where I can't stop kissing those sweet cheeks and then the moments where I want her to just BE QUIET!  She's a boisterous little girl and her volume control needs some work! Ha!  
Silly girl!
 Potty training is going wonderfully!  She really is doing far better than I would have expected.  We wear a Pull-up at naps and a diaper at night, but otherwise she's in big girl undies and we've been accident free for days!  Even going to the Great MN Get-Together didn't throw her off!  We made it through the whole day dry!  Woo Hoo!

Elaina is not feeling stellar.  My suspicion is that her second bottom tooth is coming in.  The past five days she has been really needy.  Wanting to be held all the time, fussy eating, weird sleep, yada yada.  Plus you add in the non-stop finger chewing and the faucet of drool... pretty much adds up.  Regardless, she still is a pretty happy baby.  Anytime she catches your eye she gives you the big grin!  

Yesterday I took the girls and my sister to the State Fair and we really had a good time!  When I woke up, it was pouring rain,  but the sun broke out and we ended up having some fantastic weather!  We ate some goodies (garlic fries, fried pickles, and carmel apples), went through the barns (Lila liked the horses best!), and Lila even went on a little carousel with Auntie!  She wasn't too sure about that, but was smiling by the time the ride ended!  

I'm posting a few videos I've taken recently, nothing special, just our everyday stuff!
(Ellie LOVES splashing in the tub!)
Have a great weekend and if anyone is bored, give Ryan a call!  He likes having stuff to do on my work weekends!

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