Monday, September 13, 2010

Emma Krumbee's

Yesterday my mom and Alan came for a visit, and with the GORGEOUS weather we were having, we decided to take a trip to Emma Krumbees!  Well, not much of a trip, considering it's just across the highway, but whatever.

Wearing Daddy's hat to keep out of the sun!
They have their Scarecrow Festival every year and I wasn't sure if it was worth the $ to get in (didn't know if Lila would like it), but Mom said, "oh just try it" and paid for the crew (a whopping $20 bucks!) and it ended up being worth every penny!!!  Lila enjoyed it much more than I would have thought, and I enjoyed all the little photo opps!  I took way more pictures than I will ever know what to do with, but lets just be honest... we all know I have a little photo addiction. 

We made some Delicious caramel apple crisp when we got home and all in all, had a great day!
Here's just a few candid photos.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing inspirational.... just cute and fun.  Just like the day!

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