Sunday, September 5, 2010

September Shout-Outs!

September is THE month!
Seriously, in our world, Fall is the craziest time of the year, and September takes the cake!

It's the greatest month!

Never mind the great cool weather and the amazing colors,
but it encompasses both Ryan's birthday, my birthday, and our anniversary!

Mmmmmm, I LOVE September!

There are also a million other reasons to enjoy this great month and honestly, since I've been know to flake out here and there, I'm going to send some September Shout-Outs while they're on my brain! (Heaven knows they won't stay long!)

Happy Birthday to :
  Dana, Tessa, Colin, Kris, Heather, RYAN, Bjorn, Major, Jeff, Bella Grace, and Kaiya!  (Me too!)
Happy Anniversary to:
  Heather and Jason, Amy and Chad, and US!!!

Ok, there is a good chance I've forgotten someone, please forgive me.  I'll try to throw them in later if that's the case!!!

Dad~ I love you and am remembering with you this month!

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  1. Aww...thank you!! Your babes are so stinking cute. Miss you guys..........C U SOON!!!


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