Sunday, December 12, 2010

Studio shots

So I have a million things to blog about, but to do it in one post would get WAY to long, so forgive me for the multiple postings in the next few days.

I have had the pleasure of taking some photos for friends in recent weeks and have made good use of our little "studio" we have set up in our basement.  I'm currently favoring outdoor candid photos, but when the weather, lighting, and scheduling are all against you... it's great having the good ole' indoors!

I just thought I'd share a few of my recent favs...

My sister, Alex, and her BF Brent!

Our dear friends, the Quints!  (Beautiful girls, Ryleigh & Landree)

Sweet little Trystin!

Chubby love, Steig!

...and Busy boy Brady!!!

So SO fun!
Thank you to everyone for letting me snap pics of all your precious little ones!
(Alex and Brent... you guys are awesome too!)

More randomness to come tomorrow, but I'm off to make some cookies with my kiddos!

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