Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My hubby

Ryan has been wonderful to me the past few days.

Sunday he took the girls to our God-daughter's birthday party, since I had to work that night.
When he came home, he proceeded to scrub and mop the basement floor, which was supposed to be my job. Tonight he scrubbed the carpet on the stairs (Rio has made a disaster of our house). and gratefully accepted my lazy-woman dinner of turkey and cheese sandwichs.
He's in the process of building me a lovely end table for our living room, so I know he was down in the shop working late on that tonight too, after the girls went to bed. Add all that to the fact Rio and our little runty pup are needing big-time attention overload, basically Ryan didn't sit down all night.
Ryan... THANK YOU!
Ryan... I love you!

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