Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

Another year comes to an end.
What a year it has been?!
(hey... that kinda rhymed?)

This year has been good to us.
A wonderful growing toddler!
A new beautiful baby girl!

I put together this little photo slideshow after seeing one my dear friend, Gina, put together!
I beg you to forgive me for the ridiculous over-abundance of pictures.
Please don't feel you have to watch the entire 7minutes, but be proud that I
chopped it down from it's original 15!
Seriously, I have WAY TOO MANY pics to choose from!

This is our year in review!
Happy New Year from our home to yours!
May this year bring peace, joy, love, and happiness!!

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  1. Beautiful. Way to many pics to choose from is a very good thing. Happy New Year Friends, hope we get to see lots of you this new year. We love you. Thanks so much for always being there for us.


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