Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In 2 days, for 3 days
our home will be filled with family,
and food,
and love.

( and probably some more food)

I'm filled with anticipation for this Christmas.
To share the joy of the season with my family is something that warms
my heart and brings a smile to my face!
My girls, still a little too young to understand the "true" meaning of the day,
somehow knowing that it's a very special day!
They will love and enjoy having people around to "play" with.
(well, Lila will.... Ellie will just cling to my shoulder and watch everyone for awhile).

Both Thursday and Saturday will be spent with extended family in the house.
Friday will be just the 4 of us.
Me and the people I love most in the world!
Can't wait!

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