Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The pups 10 days

All the little guys are doing well and getting cuter by the day!

We have appropriately and affectionately named them... as follows...

Frank (the tank) - our resident monster!  Over a pound bigger at birth and hasn't slowed down yet.  He's just a big ball of chub and love!

(your average) Joe - our middle child (actually he was the first born, but you know what I mean.)  Our only brown and white boy, cute as a button, and super snugly!
He was only a few days old here, but the picture is just too cute!

(tiny) Tim - our little man.  He got off to a rough start, didn't even gain an ounce of weight in the first week.  He had an infection in his left eye that with a little antibiotics and some TLC, is clearing up great.  Vet said there shouldn't be any problems with his vision.  He's now growing quickly, although still quite a bit smaller than his brothers.  He's the feistiest one of the bunch, however.  Lil' scrapper I tell ya!

They are SO cute!  Lila is in love with them and I think we are going to have Major issues when these little guys go to their new homes.  :(
Brothers love each other!
such a good mama!

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