Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cookie baking

Just a quick clip of some cookie baking we did over the weekend!
It was so much fun baking with Lila!  Although, she did keep dipping her fingers in the dough (don't we all?) and trying to snag the chocolate chips, we did actually get some made! 
In an attempt to make them a little more "Christmas-y", I thought we could add some sprinkles in red, green, and white!  The best part about that was that Lila kept calling them "sparkles"!  Yep, she loved the "sparkley" cookies the best!
One of those great memories that will go in the baby book!
gotta lick the beaters!
~Boone and Rio had to be in the kitchen too~

The weekend flew by as it always does and we are now already into Tuesday!
The snowstorm was crazy, but honestly, since we didn't have any plans to be out and about over the weekend, it didn't really faze us too much.  (or is it "phase"?)  
Ryan spent a large amount of Sunday morning community snowblowing, but otherwise, just your "average" MN snow! 
The snow out our front door AFTER having been shoveled twice on Saturday!!

watching Daddy "blow the snow around"

I picked up a night shift on Sunday, and had lots of plans to take a quick nap yesterday, then get lots of stuff done around the house.  Want to know how that panned out?
Well, I got groceries on the way home.
Left 2/3 of them on the counter to put away after my "nap".
Went to lay down
Woke up to the phone ringing (it was Ryan)
Time on the clock ...
4:03pm !!!!!
Whoops... slept right through my alarm and snoozed the day away.  Felt great, but man... really didn't get much done.   The craziest thing...  I went back to bed at 9:15 and with only one quick interlude with Ellie around midnight, slept sound and cozy until 6am!!! 
Okay, so TODAY will be the day to get stuff done!  (maybe)

I'm having a coffee visit with a very special lady today (more on that later) and am looking forward to a good day!  Happy Tuesday all!

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