Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sleep and stuff

I'll apologize up front for the million pictures in this post, but I can't help but share...

hey... you voluntarily checked us out...

This week was a good one!

I'm refraining from discussing the increasing amount of tantrums from Lila which result in time-outs, and deep breaths on mom's part; and the fits of gas and colic from Ellie which also bring on the "take a deep breath"s on mom's part. Moving on...

Good things that happened this week.... (in no particular order...)
~Lots and lots of sunshine
~Ellie slept MUCH better, even once through the night (hallelujah!)
~Sloppy kisses from Lila
~Coffee with my best girl, Sarah
~A movie and adult beverages with my hubby!
~A visit from my sister (who just took her boards, and I'm sure passed with flying colors!)
~Playing in the kiddie pool with naked Lila
~Snuggling sweet Elaina and getting a smile for it
~Did I mention the sunshine?
~Reading a new book outside while BOTH girls napped
~Did I mention adult beverages?
~Got the house cleaned and vacuumed (took 12 hours, but got it done!)

Okay, here come the pictures... (hey, I'm enjoying my maternity leave alright...)

My beautiful girls!

Pretty view of our backyard

Rio trying to soothe a fussy Elaina

Hey, whatever works for ya, right?

Sunkissed sweetie

Hint of a smile

A smile for Daddy (not the best quality pic... but special to me!

Did I mention she gets a lot of gas?

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  1. Oh my gosh love Ellie's crazy sleeping! I know you are having a great time at home! But I still miss you at work :)


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