Monday, May 24, 2010

The weekend stuff

It was a good weekend

As all weekends should be

Lots of friends, and family, and fun.

Our little Lila girl has been a bit of a handful, well... a lot of a handful. Still sweet, still funny, and we love her OH-SO-Much, but we are truly getting a taste of her "strong" personality! Even after all her meltdowns and tantrums, when she gets right in your face and plants a sloppy smooch on ya... you can't help but melt (in a good way!), and when she wakes up all warm and snuggly, oh how you forget all that other stuff. Mmmmm, little girl snuggles are just delicious!

Miss Elaina has also decided that mom and dad should have the "true newborn experience"! She went from sleeping 4-6 hour stretches at night, to more like 2-3. I guess I'll just be thankful that for most of the first month, I avoided that newborn mommy-haze most women go through. I felt like a million bucks, now... it's just more like $500,000 ;) She's giving us tiny smirks and smiles and I'm impatiently waiting for that big ole' grin I know she'll have! Sweet baby!!!

Not to be forgotten, our other "baby" in the house, is becoming a little more independant. Eins is growing every day, quite the little chubba-wumba! The other night we actually heard the little stinker give a tiny bark... pretty cute. (At least I think so now, we'll see when she's making all sorts of racket in a week or two!) Ha!
Check out the video of Lila taking Eins for a stroll!

Today the girls and I ran some errands, then stopped at Ryan's work and had lunch outside with him! Was actually really nice and we all enjoyed it. I however, did not so much enjoy the ride home as Lila cried for Daddy for 40 minutes :( Oh well!
Now, both girls are sleeping, I'm going to scramble clean up (have to give Ryan the idea I can somewhat manage a house and the kids, right?), then try to sneak in 15 minutes of quiet outside before Ry gets home from work!
Happy Monday to all!
Lila cruising with her cousin Calli!

Ellie, just being cute!

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