Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a day

Yesterday started out great!

Lila woke up happy and her and Daddy got out the door on time!

Mommy got in a shower and her and Elaina got out the door on time!!
(I'm learning this is a HUGE accomplishment... don't judge me.)

Ellie and I met my dear friend Gina, who happened to be my WONDERFUL labor nurse, and her sweet little girl Gabby at Caribou for coffee! We haven't had the chance to visit since Elaina's birth and it was so great to see her! Funny thing... as thank you's, we both gave each other gift cards to Caribou! (Great minds think alike! At least night-shift RN, mommy-minds do!) Gina, I love you!

After coffee, I jetted up to the River Center to cast my vote regarding the MN Nurses Union strike. I'm going to keep this part brief, I'm a little sour about this.... but what's done is done, lets just see how it all turns out.

Either way, it was a nice day for a walk in St. Paul (I had to park a few blocks away).

On the way home, I made a last minute decision to pop in and see my sister at her apt. It was a short visit (she's studying for boards) but a nice one nonetheless! Great to see you Lix!

Elaina was being such a good girl, so I made a few stops on the way home to pick up some mats and frames for some great prints I ordered months ago for the kids' rooms. I'll try to show those off later, once they're up.

We got home, and I was just thrilled about my day and ready to head out for more sun, when I got Ryan's call....

Ryan- "I got in an accident"
Ana- "Are you OK?"
Ryan- "Yeah, I'm fine... trooper's here, gotta go."

All this sounds fine, until you understand that this accident occurred in Ryan's original "baby". Yeah, his pristine Firebird that he RARELY takes out. Literally, I haven't been in that car since the day of our wedding! Of course, this week the weather was said to be perfect, so we called our agent and put insurance on it for the week. Wa wa...
Ryan's OK. That's the most important thing. I have no idea what the estimated damage is, but I think what's hurt the most is Ryan's feelings. He's really tore up about the whole thing. I feel awful for him. Definitely not a great end to the day. Boo.

Today should be better.
How can it not be, when you have this to look at in the morning?!

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  1. So glad Ryan is ok.....Sorry bout the car. The girls are adorable. Can't wait to see them again, hopefully soon.


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