Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A day of smiles, sunshine, and owies too

I had a great day!

Complete 180 from yesterday!

Here are my hightlights...

~Being outside in the sunshine with Lila, while she "helps" me water my plants
~Watching her follow the puppy around (not sitting still long enough to get a great picture)
~Quietly nursing Elaina on our porch with coffee in hand, while Lila naps.
~Being awed by how deeply my baby can look into my eyes

~Lila taking a 3 hour nap, then waking up chatty and smiley... no whining!
~Taking some cute pics of the cute little pup

~Watching Lila walk around in her diaper, a tank top, and her winter boots! (Hey, whatever works for ya!)

~Seeing my tough girl brush off her first skinned knees after taking a spill outside, and say nothing more than "owie"!

~Greeting my hubby in the driveway as he comes home from work (happy wife, happy kids, happy dogs... what a greeting huh?)
~Playing with Lila in the tub, watching her smoosh the cherry scented Elmo foam in her hands!
~Sweet smelling, sun kissed Lila cheeks just before bed!

Indeed a great day!

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