Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meet Eins!

Well, Rio's litter turned out to be just a single pup, hence the name! Eins is the German word for (1), and that's just what she is! She's a darling little liver and white female, and Rio is being a pretty good mother so far.

The process was not an easy one and honestly, when Ryan and I finally threw in the towel and called it a night at 3:30am, we were pretty sure we had lost the pup and Rio would have a C-section in the morning. Everything we've read says that the mother should produce a puppy within an hour or two of actual "labor", and we were up with her for almost 4! This morning at 6am however, when Ryan went downstairs to check on her, he was THRILLED to find a live, dry puppy! I was upstairs feeding Elaina and expecting to hear "get up...let's get her to the vet", but the news I got MADE MY MORNING! Whew!

Anyway, all is well, and we are all taking a much needed day of "chill-out"! I'm going to go enjoy a hot shower, Lila is napping, and Daddy and Elaina are kickin' it on the couch watching some Woodworking show! Aaaahhh...
Have a great Saturday!

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