Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday already?

Ok, so I know it's cliche, but TIME IS FLYING!

I can't believe my "newborn" is 2 weeks old already!

God truly blessed us with an amazing newborn. I'm gonna go ahead and brag here a little; since we've brought her home, she sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hour stretches at night and for the majority of the time, is a laid back, take it all in little girl! Of course she has her moments, but it's usually for a good reason, like... "Hey, you need to hurry up and get me some food" or "Umm, I've been sitting here for a half hour in poopy pants, get your butt over here and change me!".

Every day she's a little more awake and alert, which I love! Speaking of love... here are some things I love about Elaina...
1. The obvious: she lets me get some sleep
2. Her amazing long delicate fingers
3. Her beautiful hair and dark flawless complexion
4. The way her mouth can make a perfect little "o"
5. How she gives us the "pirate eye" on a daily basis
6. Her ridiculous huge feet and monkey toes!
7. The fact she looks so much like her daddy
8. The ability she's had to make her place in our family
~The list goes on and on....

Lila has been SO good with her too! She loves to hug and kiss her (with constant reminders to "be gentle"). She wants to hold her all the time and offers her the Nuk (regardless if Elaina needs it). Lila also has become a little "monkey-see, monkey-do"! She likes to wear my baby carrier, tries to carry the carseat around, and even "pumps" like Mommy! Ha! Her language is EXPLODING and although she's busy, she's so much fun!

Lastly, before this gets too long (I seriously could go on forever, but I really need to take a shower!), our very latest addition is also doing well! Eins is growing every day, even if her mother is being a bit of a punk. Rio is apparently stressed about getting her girlish figure back, because she won't eat hardly ANYTHING. What a snob. The pup looks kinda lonely all by herself in that big pool, but in a week or two, we'll be able to take her out more and introduce her to people and other dogs. It'll be hard to let her go in a few weeks when she starts getting really fun, but make no mistake.... She WILL be going! It actually sounds like someone already has dibbs on her!

Ok, so over the weekend I have a few things I still want to post, but we'll see how that goes. I haven't quite sprouted that functioning 3rd arm yet, it's a work in progress!


  1. Hilarious! Love the pumping Lila! Looks like you are doing wonderfully and enjoying every minute :) I will be missing you at work- but so happy you are spending time with your ladies!!!!

  2. HAHAHA!!! How cute....I love it. Love you guys.

  3. Such a beautiful family, too funny with the pump!


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