Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting into the groove

Things are starting to settle in at home.... kinda...! Ha!
Actually, it's been a great couple of days at home as a family of 4! We've stayed low key and tried to overlook the mountain of housework that's piling up. My sister was able to come and meet miss Elaina on Friday and was able to play with Lila, which helps immensely since Lila is a little "needy" right now! She spent the night on Saturday with Ryan's parents so we could go to Mankato with Elaina for our friend Jason's surprise 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday Q! We love ya!
Ryan's parents (with Lila in tow), sister Kris and her family, and my Dad and friend came down yesterday to spend the afternoon and it was great! Barb... I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you so SO much for everything, could not ask for a better Mother-in-law! (Seriously, did almost ALL my laundry, made lunch for everyone, and cleaned my kitchen!!!) Yeah, she rocks!
Today we made a quick trip to the peds to check Elaina's weight (6lb 11oz) and bilirubin. She got just a touch of jaundice, but nothing they were too concerned with. She does have a broken collar bone, but we have just been a little extra careful with her left side and it doesn't seen to bother her too much!

So far, she's been a pretty awesome baby!!! Really sleeps very well, although likes to have her "grazing" time between 10pm and 1am. Once that's done though, she usually sleeps like a champ. I've actually had a 6 hour stretch of sleep already! Sweet!

Well, since the rest of my family is sleeping, I might take the hint and snag some Zzzz's too! Tata for now!

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  1. That picture of the two of you is ADORABLE!! You look amazing! So happy to here that you are getting some great rest (6 hour stretch? Wow!) and that you've had some help. Enjoy those little cuties!


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