Sunday, April 11, 2010

So much in so little time

I have so many little things I want to blog about, but just can't seem to find the right time to do it. There are lots of little bits and pieces of our life I'd like to share, and I'm trying to find some cute, creative way to put it together and ultimately am drawing a blank...

So, I'm just going to write (type, whatever)... you can read my rambling if you choose, or simply go back to doing something interesting...

1) Pregnancy: Still going fairly smooth, although my complaining would lead some to believe otherwise. I did have an OB appt. last week and much to my dismay, had NO signs of ANY progression. Damn.
I'm currently a little over 37 weeks, so technically full term, but I'm confident we'll be "cooking" for a few more weeks. Baby is doing well, still active as ever, so I take comfort in that. This little one will be here to greet us before we know it!

2) Lila: Busy as ever. Goofy as ever. Dramatic as ever!! Oh heavens, can that little girl turn on the waterworks!! Ha! Who would have thought that eating one more bite of scrambled egg would cause the sky to fall and the world to end?! She is simply hilarious with some of her antics, but she can get quite frusterated when you don't understand exactly what she needs THIS MINUTE! (making it more difficult is the fact that she speaks some weird Japanese dialect, that I have yet to learn!) Seriously, her language is improving, and some days she seems very clear to me, and others, I can't understand a word... Oh well, I'm sure we'll soon be wishing she would just be quiet, so I'll be careful about what I ask for!

3) Mixed Emotions: Lila is my angel right now. She is such a bright spot in my life and through all her dramatics, she brings a smile to my face and warms my heart so deeply every day, I can't imagine life any other way. I'm so excited for this new baby to arrive; to meet this person I feel inside me, and to share that with Ryan. I'm confused. Confused as to how I'm going to take care of it all, THEM all, and still keep some pretense of sanity. I'm worried I won't have the time to give Lila what she needs, or that the baby won't get the same love and attention Lila did and will grow up feeling deprived... oh the constant worry.
I'm sure many parents go through this, but it's such a strange feeling.
I have to share a wonderful "Ryan" moment I had last week...

~Before going to bed one night last week, I went downstairs to check on Lila. Her face was so peaceful and beautiful that I was almost in tears when I climbed into my own bed. When Ryan asked me what was wrong, I shared some of these mixed emotions I was having and Bless his heart, without missing a beat he said "Ana, just think of how much we love Lila and pretty soon we are going to Double that!". My husband, the man who is not known for being eloquent when speaking of feelings, managed to say the one perfect thing I needed to hear that night! I'm so lucky!

Ok, that's enough for now. I have more random things I'd like to share at some point, but this is getting long. I still need to get some pictures up of Lila's dresser and bookshelf (SO PROUD of my husband!), and should make some comments on the other pregnant lady of the house (Rio), but that will come another day!
Have a great Sunday!

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