Friday, April 2, 2010

Welcome April!

Good-bye March, thank you for being so good to us this year!

I can't believe how mild the whole month was, seriously... it's been so amazing, I have to remind myself that I live in MINNESOTA! What? I love it!

I worked this past week and although I am totally exhausted, I was reminded again of why I love my job! I had the privledge of being present at the birth of some beautiful children to some wonderful parents and it makes me more and more excited to have my own!

Today, Ryan and I are both home and even though it's a dreary day, we've already spent a good amount of time outside, put primer on Lila's darling bookshelf (going to paint this afternoon) and are just about to sit down to lunch. A quiet one too, since Miss Lila is napping!

She's been a bit vocal today (which is why she's napping so early!), but otherwise a funny little girl as usual! She made a new discovery today and I got quite a laugh watching her waddle around with her pant pockets full of rocks!!! Hooray for pockets I guess?! Goofy kid!

I'm planning on enjoying the rest of the day, just doing little tasks around the house and more of the same tomorrow! I would like to work on a collage of pictures of Lila's dresser and bookshelf that Ryan built, but plan on waiting until the bookshelf is completed.... very soon! I'm so excited to share these photos, I'm couldn't be prouder of my husband, just you wait... you'll see why!!!
It's going to be a great weekend!

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