Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Stuff

Summer is drawing to a close and it's been a good one!  I love summer and all the greatness of the sun and heat,
but last weeks cool temps ignited the excitement for my favorite season of all!  
Now that we're back to the hot stickiness, I figure I should update what we've been up to this past month!

My mom took the girls to the Dakota County Fair and they had a blast!
Pony rides, tilt-a-whirl, snacks and face painting... what more could two little girls ask for?!

We went to the Market at Mill City with some friends and the girls thought it was pretty damn cool!

The girls played in the pool.  Daddy even joined them one day, which they thought was utterly amazing!  He's cool like that!

We continue to work out when we can, but I'll be honest and say my lifting has been sub-standard this summer.  It's really frustrating, but sometimes you can surprise yourself in other areas.  Like when you bust out a pretty Amaze-balls run!  Go Me!

Rio turned 8.  On 8/8.  

The girls continue to be weird.  But I kinda get the feeling that most kids are sometimes.  We roll with it!

Girls and their buddy Brooklyn... little monkeys
Ellie took a header off her bike and gave herself a pretty wicked egg on her head.  But a bandaid fixes everything.  Ok, a bandaid AND a popcicle!

We had some weird birds in our bush.  The girls attempted to "rescue" one of them.  
We are going to assume the bird is fine, and of course the mother didn't abandon it, and of course
the baby bird didn't blow away the storm the following night.  ...   moving on....

I like my porch.  And I like wine.  So combining the two seems like a brilliant idea!

We had a date night!  It was a pretty great time!  And I was brave and rocked my new spectacles.  
They are growing on me.

We also had a fun day at my Dad's, but that will have to wait for another day.  
Bring on the cooler weather! I'm ready and waiting!

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