Sunday, September 6, 2015

Windy day at Papas

A few weeks ago, we managed to gather the family to spend a little time together!
The plan was to get to Papas, have some lunch, then spend a glorious sunny day playing on the lake before heading back to BBQ, have a fire, and smores!

Well, there was some slight deviation from that plan, as the weather didn't exactly cooperate, but it was still good to see everyone, and we had plenty of fun!

Lila was really excited to go! 
(where do the hand signs come from?  seriously... where do they learn this stuff?!)
The weather was cloudy, and it was crazy windy... but we hit the lake anyway
Ellie was brave and had a BLAST on the jet ski with Daddy!
Lila and Auntie Al

Nice hair Ry ;)

Little breezy out!

Warming up with snuggles from Papa

When it got a bit too chilly and windy for everyone, we packed up and head back for burgers and brats and all the usual goodies that go along with a summer BBQ.  I took a short stroll with the pups while the food was on the grill, always nice to walk around in the woods!  We managed to toast a few mallows before the storms started to roll in, so the girls were delighted!

Just something pretty 

Typical teenager! ;)
 ~Smores with Papa~

Even with less than stellar weather, it was still a good time! So glad to see everyone and look forward to the next time we can get together!!

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