Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Last week of Summer

The girls got on the bus this morning.  Both of them. 
Suddenly, I am the parent of two school age children and I can't figure
out how that happened so fast!  I blinked and here we are.

I took a million photos between last night and this morning,
more to come for sure when they get off the bus this afternoon!

But for now, I'm going to wrap up our last week in photos.
It was a good week.  A fantastic way to bring summer to a close!
Summer was good to us this year, far superior to the past one,
we had fun, good weather, and time together to enjoy it!  

Goofy kids
Ryan took the girls to the State Fair one day while I was napping after a shift! 
They loved the barns and probably would have been happy spending the entire day there!

We worked on getting the pool put away, and the yard cleaned up
Super messy, hot, sticky, job... but I'm so glad we got it done!

And yesterday we went to the River
It was a Fabulous day and we enjoyed the hell out of our last day of summer!
The girls swam, we ate, relaxed, and soaked up the sun (I may have gotten a little crispy, oops)!
The whole day was great and I couldn't be happier!!

Our little E... who a few short weeks ago wouldn't swim in the river at all... :) 

Have to feed the ducks!

Thank you Summer! You were good to us!

~And now on to this....~

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