Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Day of School - K & 1

It Happened.
My baby is a school age child.

Cue tears shed.
(to my credit... I did better than last year, but still, 
a few were shed after the bus picked them up)

The night before, we made sure clothes were laid out.
Backpacks were ready, showers were done, and everything was set for the big day!
The girls were both excited in the morning as they woke up, and were ready
long before they actually had to get to the bus stop!  
(Just was lots of time for me to take pictures!!)

Lila was a pro.  A big 1st Grader, no concerns at all.  Just happy to get back
to school and back into her routine.  She was great at playing the Big Sister
role, explaining to Elle how everything would go!

I was nervous for E.  Worried she would get her nervous upset tummy.
But she didn't waver a second!  Nothing but smiles all morning.
And when that bus pulled up, I didn't even get a hug and kiss
Didn't get a backwards glance... she just climbed on, sat with her friends
and big sister, and off she went. (cue the tears for me).

They returned home with smiles on their faces... happy and excited to tell us all about their days!
Ryan and I were there to greet them as they got off the bus, and it made my heart happy to know 
that both my big girls had a great start to what is sure to be a great year!!

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