Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The fall is always busy for our little family!
Lots of love and lots to celebrate!
In the past week, both Ryan and I had birthdays, and although we didn't do anything 
big and exciting, we still made sure to recognize the importance of such a special day!
The Friday before Ry's birthday, he and I had an unexpected night without the girls
and decided to enjoy a nice dinner out at a fabulous little place called The Salt Cellar!
If you haven't been, I highly recommend it!  Unique little place, with good food, 
and it happens to be across the street from Nina's, which is a cute little coffee shop!

Saturday, I got quite excited after a call from staffing, stating that I could stay home
"on-call" until 11pm!  Our neighborhood was heading out to enjoy Oktoberfest, and I was
thrilled to be able to participate (even if sober) with the gang!  So I got up from my nap,
got myself ready to go, and as we're heading out the door, I get a call again from the 
hospital saying "Oh sorry, we got a late sick call... we're gonna need you to come at 7"

wah wah wah

So... I worked.  And Ryan went out and rang in his Birthday with some great neighbors.
And a lot of beer.
A lot. 

 The next morning, I dragged the hungover Birthday boy out of bed and took him to breakfast! 
That night I made a hasty chocolate cake and the girls and I sang Happy Birthday and snapped a few pics before I rushed out the door to work again!
Photo courtesy of Elaina ;)

A little over a week later, I turned 34.  And guess what I did?.... I worked.  
Actually, I don't have any qualms working on my birthday... kinda fun to share my day with some
new brand little people!  I had some leftover chinese and saw my family for about 90min, but it was
still really nice!  Then off to work.  And low and behold, my wonderful co-workers had a sweet surprise for me!
I am quite grateful for the sweet ladies I get to work with! They make my job even more enjoyable!

Birthdays are Awesome!

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