Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall start up

We are off to a good start this year!  
Both the girls have seemingly adapted well to school and we're 
slowly getting into the swing of things! Bedtime, lunches, fighting 
with Lila about doing her homework... you know, the usual?! ;)
She actually reads very well... just doesn't like reading her "school" books 

A friend and I took our kids to the Renaissance Festival last weekend! It was a great day and the kids had fun!
The girls got their hair braided (to the tune of far more $ than I'm willing to admit), but it was really dang cute and they loved it.... makes it all worth it, right?

Photo season has started and I'm actually quite excited about it!!  Bring it on!

I have had some fitness ups and downs.  Basically, my lifting is kinda in the tank... boo. 
I haven't been hitting the weight as hard as before, and lets face it... I'm getting older.  If you don't keep on top of that, things go south in a hurry.  However, I have been running more, so THAT is at least improving.  Take your wins where you can get them, I guess!
 When Ryan texts me "How was your workout babe?".... this is my response lately...
 BUT, I've got a new running buddy which is kinda fun.  He used to be miserable to run with and has evened out a bit in his old grey age... it's kinda nice!

I cooked.  This in and of itself is worth mentioning.  (Oh, and also worth mentioning, is that I basically just found the recipe, and laid the ingredients out... may have chopped a few things, but Ryan pretty much did the work)  But whatever, it turned out really good and pretty, therefore, I will claim my success! 
Skillet pork chops with mushroom and onion cream sauce and fresh spinach

I had a girls night out with these exceptionally lovely ladies! Wine on a Wednesday, with this view...
Yep, pretty awesome! Thank you again girls, that was so much fun!

These munchkins had dental appointments yesterday morning.  8am. (Which after being out until the wee hours the night before with my girlfriends, came really damn early!!!)   It's a good thing their hygienist was fun and the whole thing went smooth.  They even got to "help"! Hahaha!!

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