Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Cavin 2015 (Yes, CaVin)

Last weekend, we spent 3 wonderful days in Pelican Rapids with Ryan's entire family!
There is a lovely home we are graciously gifted for the weekend with space for all of us and our
craziness!  This is the 3rd year we've been able to enjoy this place and it was absolutely awesome!
Matt: we are so grateful for your parents generosity... Thank them a million from all of us!

I have a ton of photos, but I'm going to limit myself to a select "few"!  
There are just too many great ones to put them all up!
Enjoy!  (we did!!)

So, doesn't everyone build giant slip n slides and use approximately half a dozen bottles
of dish soap to lube it up?  Of course, this is totally normal!  Best entertainment EVER! Haha!

Think the kids were the only ones who enjoyed it???  WRONG!

We spent lots of time in and on the water... the weather was perfect! (except for the small rain shower that popped up while we were tubing... but whatever, we were wet anyway!)

Giant Bubba

This is what exhaustion looks like!
By the way... watch your toes.  Don't let them "Go under the boat"!

We did some fishing.  Confession: I don't care to fish.  At least with lots of small 
children in the boat.  Know what I caught???  A jig and hook to the lip and a hook through
the sleeve of my new sweatshirt.  I wasn't the happiest.  
My girls however, loved every second of it!!!

There was lots of food, as always!

There was playing in the sand

There was one very VERY hot run (Ryan and I weenied out at 3miles to Kim and Kris's 10)

There was relaxing evenings with family

(E wasn't feeling very well.... a little too much sun and heat by this point, needing water and a good sleep!)
 Volovsek 2015... It was a good one!

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