Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summertime Splash

So, it's Hot out.

That said, it's been a good summer for spending time in the water!
The girls have been taking full advantage of our little pool, and we are lucky
to have a few folks in our lives that have access to water we can play/relax on!
I finally picked up my camera and dusted it off after hardly using it lately
and managed to capture my little ones in all their sun kissed, splish-splash glory!

Getting brave and holding her breath under water!
That grin... I tell ya! 

We got out on the boat last Saturday, and it was about as perfect as you can get!  The girls
had a blast playing and our water skittish Ellie, FINALLY (with the "help" from me) got her
sea legs and realized that her life jacket works in the river just as well as in the pool at home!
After a pretty proper freak-out when i dragged her in (yes, i'm That mom)... she figured it out
and was cruising around like a pro.  She also happened to be the last one out of the water! Ha!
And for those that know me... I'm usually one who prefers being ON the water rather than IN it...
but even I went for a nice swim and it felt AMAZING!
Why Hello handsome!

Brave girl!!!
Little family swim!

Someone was TIRED!!!

In addition to the water lovin we've been doing, we've had some other stuff going on.
Boone got sick.  Really sick.  The sick I wasn't sure he'd pull out of... 
but some meds and IV fluids finally pulled him around and he's back to his hyper, barky, self.
Along with him... I got sick.  Crappy sick.  Took me almost a week to get myself back on even keel.

Because everyone hangs outside in sweats when it's 90degrees out.  Ack. Stupid fever.
I started school shopping with the girls.  Both of them.   Wait... what?  
And yes, its July... but I figured as I'm usually a procrastinator, I might as well go for it
on a tuesday afternoon when Target was stocked and empty of people.  School supplies... check

Ryan and I went to neat little shin-dig.  Kinda fun ;)
good excuse to put myself together

Rio is still a punk... but she's funny.  And very patient

I went out for breakfast Mimosa's with some work ladies!! 
Keys Cafe.  Nuff said!

And this past Sunday, Ryan and I went and donated blood at a blood drive for a special little girl!  
Little Miss Kaiya turned 4 and every year they do a blood drive in her honor! This is the first year I've not been working or out of town, so I hauled Ryan with and we rolled up our sleeves!  (And... I like to brag that I beat his time by over a minute!  5:20 baby! WooHoo!)
He was showing me his Band-aid ;)
We then went home to spend the rest of our afternoon doing this...
Coffee, relaxation, and Crossfit galore!!! By the way, it was a really good Games! 
Such impressive athletes!! 

And I suppose I can end this post with one last "Splash picture".... 
Last night, we had an impromptu neighborhood kid pool party... perfect night for it! Lots of fun!

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