Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer stuff

Summer is flying by, as it usually does!
We have been keeping busy and doing our best to enjoy it as much as possible 
amidst a lot of stress and loss.  The girls are at amazing ages right now to spend
time with and do fun things with!  I'm constantly amused with the conversations
I can now hold with them, the stuff we can do together, and how grown up they seem!

I've been very poor at using my big girl camera and most of my summer documentation
thus far has taken place on my phone... but it's ok, it's enough to remember the moments
by and allows me to participate more, which is more important anyway!

Because it's a lazy Saturday morning, and I haven't fully digested and processed my first
cup of coffee, I'll ask you to excuse the lack of flow in this post.  I'm going to toss my pics
up and just roll with it. Bear with me!

~Over the 4th of July holiday... Well, I spent my days sleeping and my nights at work.~
 ~But I work with some pretty awesome compadres... and we got to watch some fireworks, so it wasn't terrible!~

~Ryan and the squirts had some company over and did 4th of July stuff... like S'mores, and playing in the sun and water, and sparklers!
Thanks Ry and Kim for snapping a few pics!~

~Ellie doesn't do so well with shots... no, she doesn't flinch or flail or cry... 
she just completely drains of color and will dry heave and shake for 20min after.  And
being the mean mama I am, I take pictures of her in her pasty, pale lipped awfulness.  Poor baby!~

~But she recovers after some sugar so we can go out on Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Alan's boat!~

~Ryan and I have continued to move forward in our fitness journey! Its fun to see the girls modeling after us and actively participating as well...
at least we're doing One thing right~

get under the bar

~Our neighbors are kind enough to indulge our girlies in their Chicken-love!  Yes, Lila looks a little like she's pooping, sorry... ~

Looks less like she's pooping

~Some days at work are just Shit.  No other way to put it.  I love my job, I do... but c'mon, 
nothing makes this less gross...~
i'm not going to explain this.. if you don't know what it is, you don't want to

~Thankfully, I have a man at home that knows when it's been one of "those" days... and
greets you at the door with beefy deliciousness, sushi, and a loving "please go take a shower, you stink"~

~Even with crap times at work, I still go through it with some pretty great ladies.  And I got to 
go out with a few of them for a night out, that I thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks Tina for having a 
birthday and giving us a reason to go out! ~

Dancing fools! #sweatyhairdontcare
~And last weekend, I actually did pick up my camera while we had a relaxing day at home.  Just 
to capture a little of what our family looks like together.  We baked cookies, and played Legos, 
and just enjoyed each other.  I love them so much!!!!~

Hopefully I can be a little better about posting a bit more often, but no promises!!

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