Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fathers Day Weekend

It's been a rough couple of weeks, lots of stress, lots of just being busy... but last weekend, 
we took advantage of the Father's Day holiday and did nothing but just enjoy being a family!

Ryan and I had a few hours together in the afternoon Friday while the girls were at school,
got a great workout in, and just enjoyed each others company!  We got food out at Big Bowl
for the family for dinner and spent a relaxing evening together.
Saturday we "celebrated" with Ryan!  We had him open his presents, and made him coffee and breakfast decided to head on over to
Cascade Bay to spend a few hours splashing in the water!  The weather wasn't ideal, but we had fun anyway!  Then it was home to change and off again to chill out for a few hours and catch a movie.  We took the girls to see Inside Out, which was cute, but kind of sad.  The girls were pooped from playing hard at the waterpark, so they got a little antsy towards the end, but it was still fun.  
Sushi and seared tuna (and perhaps a few adult beverages) for Ry and I for dinner finished out the night perfectly!

Next morning it was up and out the door in a hustle, heading to Wisconsin to see my Dad.
We visited for awhile, took a nice walk, and had some burgers on the grill for lunch! Always so
good to see my Dad!  We love you Papa!
Then back in the car and off to Stillwater... out on the boat with Grandpa Alan for the afternoon!
Unfortunatley, my mom had an accident and broke her wrist, so she wasn't comfortable coming out with us, and we missed her.  But we enjoyed time with Alan and the weather was perfect for boating and playing in the water!

Overall, the whole weekend was about as perfectly relaxing as we could ask for!
A great way to spend Fathers Day!

To the great men in my life that share the title, Happy Father's Day (although a week late)
And to Ryan, my greatest man, my friend, my companion for life... thank you for everything
you do for me and our girls. We are so lucky to have you!!
We love you so much!
New barbell!

Who knew? Also works as a balance beam!

Movie time!

Taking a walk with Papa Dave
On the boat with Grandpa Alan
Beautiful view!

We love you!

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