Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Grandma Ginny

The past four or five days have been a mix of extreme emotions.  Its hard to get a grip
on what has happened since Thursday, it's been so busy and so much of a whirlwind.
I will later touch a little on each event in more detail, but for now, the biggest and most important.

Ryan's grandma Virginia passed away and was laid to rest yesterday next to her love on what
would have been their 66th wedding anniversary.
She was surrounded by family when she left us and knew how much she was loved.
It was a rough day yesterday, as you would expect.  Our girls have never attended a funeral
before, and I tried my best to answer their millions of questions on the drive over to Wisconsin.
I wasn't sure how to best prepare them.  They seemed to understand it as well as a 6 and 5 year old can, and were calm and behaved when we entered the church.  
Ryan took them to see her and when I joined them in the pew before the service, was sad to see both my little girls weepy and upset.  I expected Lila, my forever tenderheart, to cry and be sad, but it was Elaina who surprised me and broke my heart.  She sobbed through almost the whole service and a few times needed calming because she couldn't catch her breath.  I managed to hold myself together moderately well, but my heart ached for my sad little girls, my teary husband, and for the grief of those surrounding me.  But when we were at the cemetery, all I could think of was how the birds were singing while the priest was speaking.  The sun was shining and it was quite peaceful.  

I know she is now happy and peaceful.  Virginia, we love you.

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