Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer is finally here!!

Summer is here and we LOVE it!!
It's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks, but we've enjoyed it quite a bit!
The girls love spending time outside and being able to sleep in a few more days each week!

They play in our backyard, and in our pool, and on the swingset.  They go for walks and ride their bikes, and play with bubbles, and draw with chalk.  We've had skinned knees, stubbed toes, and are aquiring adorable tan lines... all things that point to a great summer in the land of childhood!!! This is the stuff I hope they remember!

We've had plenty going on, but for the majority, it's been good things!  
Our little Ellie "graduated" from her Montessori class and it was adorable!  I'm quite happy though that both girls attend 3 days a week through the summer, as it's an amazing program and they both really enjoy it! (Plus, it allows mommy to sleep after working all night, which, if we're honest, makes EVERYONE happy!!)

Doing a little Bollywood dancing!

Ryan and I had a date night, something we always appreciate!

We attended my cousin's wedding last Saturday, and although initially there was a pretty big concern about rain,
the outdoor wedding was managed, and it turned into a pretty great day/evening!  
We went to my grandparents house prior to the wedding so we could take some family photos with my Grandma, who wasn't able to attend.
I'm so glad we went and have those memories, both for us, and for our girls!
The wedding itself was lovely and the evening was great fun!!
Congratulations Bethany and Luke!! We are so happy for you!

This is what a typical Bongard family get-together looks like.  You think i'm joking?!  Yikes
Bethany wore my Grandma's wedding dress for these photos, so precious!

I can't wait to see what the rest of summer has in store for the Volovsek Family!!  
Stay Tuned!

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