Saturday, June 6, 2015

2015 Crossfit Central Regionals

For Ryan and I, the most exciting part of last weekend by far was attending the 
Crossfit Central Regionals at the Minneapolis Convention Center!
The reigning champ as Fittest Man on Earth 4 years in a row, Rich Froning, was
there competing on team Mayhem Freedom, so we got to see him live in action!
It was pretty awesome for us fitness geeks!!

The whole arena was filled with athletes and supporters, a crowd of folks with positive
attitudes, encouraging each other on, pushing each other to be their best... truly, it was 
so damn cool!
Ryan and I managed to get at least a few hours in each day, although we could have easily
spent a full 3 days watching if we would have had the time!

We saw some Athletes we've been following for years, watched some newcomers rock it
and make their mark, we saw injury and heartbreak, we saw triumph... What a great event!!

I, of course, had camera in hand!  Here's a smattering of the hundreds I took over the weekend!

~Ry and I were excited to be a part of the action!~

Yes Dear... I'm looking at you!

Rich and Elly doing Partner Deadlifts (410 lbs)

He's seriously SMILING during chest-to-bar pull-ups ... Who does that?!
Hi Rich... I'm looking at you too!!  :) :) :)
(Ryan disagrees that he's looking at me... what does he know anyway?)

~This shirt was at one of the Vendors... I thought it was awesome! Haha~

~Rope climbs in 1 pull.  Seriously?  Yep. Seriously!~

~Day 2 we got to watch the Teams compete again, as well as some of the Womens Individual Competition.  Two big names we have followed were there and we were cheering them on!! Julie Foucher and Stacie Tovar! You want to see some motivated, inspirational women... check them out!

Sadly, while Julie was KILLING the competition in the Event 3 chipper, she tore her achilles doing box jumps.  She continued to compete in a boot the rest of the weekend and had a smile on her face through the whole thing! She is a med student and will start her residency next year, so had announced this would have been her last trip to the Games.  Heartbreaking way to end her Crossfit career, but she did a great job and did it with grace!!

Rich Froning easily did a 275lb Snatch seconds prior to this.. This is 300lbs!!!

~On Day 3 the girls were excited to go with us and watch the people we watch on TV!  We cheered on Team Mayhem as they crushed it and managed to take 1st place in Central AND get an event time record!! Way to Go!~

"I Got These Guns From My Daddy" 

Muscle ups!

 ~One of the many great things about Crossfit is the support everyone gives each other!
The last person/team on the floor often has the LOUDEST cheering as everyone is telling them they 
CAN do it!~

It was pretty great! Such a fun experience for Ryan and I!
Can't wait to watch the Elite battle it out in July at the Games!

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