Friday, December 2, 2011

The process

A real Christmas tree.
What is it, that makes a real live tree so special?
I think it's the process...
Going to get it, dragging it in the house and setting it up, the sweeping/vacuuming the ridiculous amount of pine needles off your floor.  Hmmm???
I'm considering switching teams here... an artificial, pre-lit sounds pretty darn good right about now.
Then there's putting on the lights, the garland, and placing each ornament in just the right spot.  See?
A process.

Honestly, I love going to pick out the tree.  It's one of my favorite things to do at Christmas.
The trouble this year, is that we just didn't have time.
So, Ryan picked one out on his own and brought it back from Wisconsin last Sunday.
It was up and in the tree stand when the girls woke up from naps, and then it was time for mom to put
the lights on.

When I was little, putting the lights on the tree was a job for me and my Dad.
He was meticulous.  So I became meticulous.  
Cords must not show.  Hide them well.
However, we also had an artificial tree growing up.
It's funny how THOSE trees are a little more agreeable to do my bidding when it comes to 
looking the way I want.  Real trees have a little more of their own, lets call it "personality"!
They go exactly where they want to go, no matter how much you tinker.

Long story long... our tree has cords showing.

The girls were not super interested in putting on lights.  Ryan read to them on the couch
while I started.  Then, when they got bored and impatient, I quit, handed the reins to Ry and
let him finish.  Our tree is also a little on the chubby side this year, and our current amount of lights
didn't exactly make it all the way around and to the top, so a little improv was needed.

After Elle went to bed, Lila helped me unwrap all of our bulbs and ornaments.
It was so fun watching her face, even as sick as she was, get all excited about the different ornaments!
I realize she doesn't look real excited, but she was.  She was also dealing with a major fever and cough.

Ryan and I put the majority of them on after Lila went to bed, then turned out the lights and enjoyed
our masterpiece.

I think it's just perfect!
Cords showing and all!

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