Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's been a rough couple of days..

(this is long-winded, feel free to skim)

Last Friday Lila was really out of sorts all day. Cranky, crabby, whiney...  you get the idea.
Just before dinner, I realized why.  Fever, yuck.
Not too high, 101.1, just enough to make you feel crummy.

Saturday we spent the day at my mom's house and I ended up running her to a CVS minute clinic for a rapid strep test, because she kept complaining of her throat hurting.  Negative. 
The fever got higher, but nothing a little good ole' Tylenol and Motrin couldn't take care of.  
But then the coughing started.  This awful tight sound from deep in her little chest.
Feeling icky
Saturday night was awful.  Up constantly because every time she coughed, it hurt her, and she cried.
Every remedy I could think of was tried, and finally at 4:10am I fell asleep for almost 2 whole hours!
Sunday was icky too.  Both girls were cranky, and so was I.
Ryan had been gone hunting in Wisconsin all weekend, so needless to say... I was anxious for his return!
He got home while the girls were napping and we got the tree he brought home up in its stand.

I wanted to try and decorate the tree with the girls, but after getting one strand of lights on, I pretty much gave up.  After E finally went to bed, Lila helped me unwrap all the ornaments, then it was her bedtime as well.
Ryan and I finished the tree ourselves.  He even indulged me and cuddled me up on the couch with the lights off, looking at the tree, listening to my favorite Christmas carol (O Holy Night)!  It is a beautiful tree!  More on that process later!...

Another horrible night of constantly waking up ensued, and I woke up feeling like I got hit by a bus.  The girls woke up with low grade temps, but seemed less crabby.  I made a spur of the moment decision to keep our appointment with Santa, and off we went to visit the big guy.  The girls were well behaved and Lila did very well.  Telling Santa her wishes for Christmas and giving him high fives.  Elle on the other hand, was a little unsure about the man in the red suit.  She said "Hello" and gave him high five, but if I was more than 2" from her, she flipped out.  She is actually perched on my leg for the photo!  Let me tell you, Santa and his helpers are very, VERY patient!

Lunch - smooth.  Nap- mediocre.  Wake-up...  temps all around and whining to the point I thought my head might pop!  I called into work "ill child" so I could stay home with the girls today. Ryan and I did literally nothing productive last night.  We sat with the girls in our laps, watching bits and pieces of Happy Feet on TV, then baths and bedtimes all around.
I was in bed before 9pm last night! And blessedly only woke up once when Lila needed to go potty.

This morning Lila is still hacking up her lungs, but fevers are gone and her mood is delightful.
Elle, well 103.1 doesn't bode well with anyone, so Daddy will be staying home with them tomorrow!
Elle is wearing her cranky pants

I love Motrin and Vicks, let me tell ya!
Okay, well.  Both girls are napping, so I'm going to do the same since I have to be back in Babyland tonight!


  1. Poor babies! Lila looks so miserable in her picture. Vicks is probably my best friend when sickness hits our house! Hope things are turning around!

  2. Oh my gosh that picture of Lila breaks my heart! I keep telling myself... maybe she just ate spicy cheetos... maybe it's the cheetos... poor little lady :(


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